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Feb 13, 2013 3:00pm EST
of america wishes they could do that. it's going to be great. i'll tell you something. energy costs will it be to go down. we'll become energy self-sufficient and you watch what happens to the cost of manufacturing. i'm going to bet you our manufacturing does well because -- not because our dollar is going to weaken because we'll actually have less expenses going out to energy and that will make us competitive. >> but unless the next energy czar the president appoints like the past one thinks maybe put a tax on gas to get it to $10 so the motor mounds for the windmills on chevys works a whole lot better. >> rick, you can bring your blood pressure down. he won't have to do it. we'll have enough cheap energy that we're going to be okay with. >> that really probably the single sort of biggest conversation amongst leaders in davos, that for the u.s., probably the biggest opportunity for actual moving the needle in terms of energy is shale. >> but, maria -- >> that's true. >> dramatic globalismcations in terms of the u.s. current account deficit. if you think about the money we ship now
Feb 12, 2013 3:00pm EST
on having to deal with deflation down the road so interest rates are low. the situation in energy which is not only going to drive manufacturing in this country and ultimately will lead to jobs in this country. the turnaround in housing. we have had a lot of problems, and we haven't chewed through all of them. haven't even throughed through all or part of them, but which eve chewed through a lot of them and nobody sounds a gun or blows a whistle when things have gotten better. sentiment is lagging and still slow, but i think the market as a whole, no one individual with the market as a whole is looking ahead and said with these advantages i think, you know, we could be on the threshold of a bull market. look what happened in the early '80s. that was a period, a period of very, very poor sentiment for a very long time. no one would have forecast a 20-year bull market cycle, and i can't even do that now, but i could tell you the fact that the sentiment is negative will have no bearing on what happens. >> what about europe? how concerned are you about europe, that it's going to rear its ug
Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm EST
there to see much more policy. >> what's your take on sort of the positives? we've talked about energy and the potential for energy, exploration in this country. it seems like shale is increasingly being seen as one of the most important developments in the united states? >> absolutely. the story, just think about this. again, about a year ago, certainly in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 crisis we've seen u.s. gdp 1.5 and 2%. this is not the story we're seeing in europe. the u.s. story, the interesting story around the housing rebound. no seller is not constructive or positive about it, but there's something going on here that feels like there's momentum and obviously looking at the m & a story, three big-time transactions in the market. i think it's turning around. >> so do you feel that europe is on the right track though? >> i think there's a lot of scope for policy intervention, and i'm pretty optimistic that they are at a point where they will be more active. >> do you see bumps along the road? >> absolutely. i think the big ones are repayments, repayments scheduled, the election
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3